For thirty weeks per year, I introduce Four Thought on BBC Radio 4.

It's a fascinating, long-running series showcasing short-form lectures from voices we don't typically hear in the mainstream media. Each speaker is given 13 minutes - basically it's the BBC's version of TED talks - to hold forth on whatever subject they choose.

In my tenure we've featured a Professor of urban planning discussing gentrification, a world-renowned drama coach explaining why the close-up is changing acting forever, and an award-winning artist on the impact garden centres had on her childhood! The show is recorded in front of a live audience at festivals and venues across the country.

In January 2018, I also became the host of the Four Thought podcast, which is a great way to listen to the show because - in addition catching up on all the talks - you get a lot more Olly Mann! Each episode features a personal introduction from me, and after each talk I return to the stage to discuss the themes and questions arising from the topic with the speaker.

You can download the show here.