My new show for Radio 4

Literally the loveliest photo of me ever taken.

Literally the loveliest photo of me ever taken.

I'm doing a new show for Radio 4. It's called The Male Room, and it goes out at 11pm on Monday nights, and is, I guess, a kind of men's version of Late Night Woman's Hour. 

Basically, it's me chatting to interesting guests about what masculinity and manliness really mean in the modern world, whether you need to exhibit physical strength to be a 'real man', whether men are articulate or emotionally intelligent, and all that sort of gubbins.

The first episode is about inadequacy and you can listen here. We've had some nice responses, like this in The Sunday Times, and some people who really don't like it, like this man who called me a 'mangina', but then invited me for dinner.

Episode two is about anger and episode three is about heroism, and when they've gone out on the radio you should be able to listen here. Fingers crossed for a podcast - and a second series -in 2017.