Hosting the British Podcast Awards

What a pleasure it was to host the inaugural British Podcast Awards last night. The crowd were an eclectic mix - BBC executives, bedroom podcasters, corporate advertisers, indie producers, radio journalists - but all linked by one shared passion: podcasting.

I have long held that, whilst radio is the most incredibly intimate medium, podcasting goes one better, because you choose to listen to who you want, when you want; it's not just serendipity when you happen to flick a switch and hear someone you like. This relationship that podcasters can establish with their audiences over time was well represented by the enthusiasm and warmth in the room. The big winner of the night, deservedly, was Wolfgang's Fathers and Sons - an advertiser-backed show, note - and I was delighted to see the Podcast Champion award went to Adam Buxton, who, as a rather crucial part of Adam and Joe, was certainly one of the reasons I picked up a mic in 2007.

The Radio Times has done a nice write-up about it here.