The Male Room returns

My Radio 4 series The Male Room returns for a second series this week, Wed-Fri at 11:30pm.

Whereas in the first series male mental health, a little-discussed topic at the time, formed the backdrop to much of the conversation, it seems pretty unavoidable that this time our discussions will be framed by the sexual harassment scandals to have emerged in Hollywood, Westminster and elsewhere. Are all men, to some degree, potential Weinsteins?

The 14 Feb transmission date is a gift, too - let's be honest, if you're listening to the radio at 11:30pm on Valentine's Day, something's gone wrong in your life... - so we'll also be having a funny and frank conversation about the world of modern dating from a male perspective.

You can listen online (and catch-up with the original series) here.

Samira Ahmed has written a nice piece about it for the Radio Times: