The truth about 'guest-curating'

So back in January, the Cheltenham Science Festival asked me to be a 'guest curator'. 
I was flattered, so said yes; then realised I'd have to actually come up with some ideas for what I'd like to host sessions about.

"Don't worry," they said to me, on the phone. "Just tell us what you're interested in."
"Um, I'm a bit worried that technology might be really bad for us," I said. "And also, I do think maybe Donald Trump is a psychopath."

Five months later and here we are! They have turned my neuroses into actual events.

Tonight, I'll be hosting a session called 'Is Your Tech Bad For You?'. 
On Thursday, a live edition of 'The Week Unwrapped', with special guest Adam Rutherford.
And on Friday night - 'The Science of Donald Trump'.