An astonishing, thoughtful and comical listen
— Fiona Sturges, Financial Times

A former child soldier. A butler to the super-rich. The world’s worst international football coach. These are just some of the amazing true stories The Modern Mann has brought you in 2017. We're a magazine show for the podcast generation. We're about real people, talking straightforwardly about fascinating things that matter to them. Subscribe here

Each show kicks off with The Zeitgeist, in which the week’s trends (chosen in an outrageously subjective way by man-about-town Ollie Peart) are light-heartedly debated. Next comes an unpredictable, inspiring middle feature in which I hit the road to meet unusual characters who provoke or confuse: a theme park designer, a white hat hacker, a gambling addict. Through their stories (always recorded face-to-face), we gain an insight into a hidden world, and always learn something, however small: how to make the perfect cup of coffee; how to stop your phone from spying on you; where to sit get the best view in an IMAX cinema...

Then, at the back, the sex bit: The Foxhole with Alix Fox - the softly-spoken, foul-mouthed love expert who warmly tackles listener questions about the messy brilliance of sex and the difficult, darker side of it too. What’s the best way to have sex in a tent? How do I clean my vibrator? How do I tell my wife I’m gay? Alix has a frank, funny, non-judgemental take on it all. These are the boundary-pushing conversations you simply never hear on the radio.

The show finishes with - what else? - a song. Over the years we've championed great recording artists like British Sea Power, Glass Animals, Mystery Jets and Los Campesinos!

The Modern Mann is a proudly independent show which has attracted well over a million downloads and 200 five-star reviews on UK iTunes. We've been critically acclaimed in The Observer, Metro, and The Times; and twice nominated 'Podcast of the Year' at the UK Radio Academy Awards.