I'm a Top 20 recording artist... eat that, failed musicians!


The sun was out this Summer, and accordingly, so was our Summer ‘album’, Answer Me This! Holiday (due to a quirk of iTunes catergorization, non-Audiobook spoken word downloads – even if they feature just one hour-long track – are still classified as ‘Music’, and therefore eligible for the Album chart).

It’s an hour of us chatting through vacation-related questions from our audience, covering all bases from Brits abroad to the Spanish Steps to Legoland, and you can buy it for £2.49 here. I think it’s a decent product, and I love that we’ve hit upon a way to monetise the podcast without having to charge for the podcast itself (we still put out forty episodes a year for free, just as we always have, but now do a couple of albums too). We’ll probably sell as many copies of it as of the book we wrote, which took rather longer to do… win win. 

But the best thing of all is that, upon the day of release, enough of our lovely listeners bought it for it to crack the Top 20 Album chart. Which means I am, officially, a Top 20 recording artist. Eat that, failed musicians!